Thursday, October 15, 2009

How To Lock Yahoo ID?

Why we should lock ID? This question may not be useful for ordinary people, but for chater to lock yahoo id is quite important. This is used so that people who have his id locked, can not login to yahoo messenger so that id was not able to log back into yahoo room. This id lock activity does make people angry and it is very common in yahoo room.

How to boot Y!Supra?

Y!Supra V1.0.0.53 is very strong with Cloak Mode and Ghost Mode, several packages to boot the machine normally used to create a disconnect another chat client that can not pass through Y!Supra, because Y!Supra supported by expert programmers to create a new chat client.

How to set Yahoo Messenger 9 anti boot, YM anti boot?

For those who like to chat in the room, sometimes feel uncomfortable with the behavior from some people who like to boot. As more Booter, as someone who liked this boot. More danger for people who want to chat with a safe and comfortable.

Most Booter doing this just for fun, but for people affected by this boot is a disaster, why can be a disaster, for example if you were to chat with the opposite sex suddenly disconnect out of room, this makes uncomfortable. So as often happens booting in this room, so many chater choose to use chat client, in order to avoid this boot.

Yahaven Unbootable Chat Client Download

Yahaven is one of 3rd party chat client of yahoo messenger which is unbootable, as Yazak, Yahelite, Y!Supra or often called Ysupra, ymlite, yahboo and other chat client. Yahaven also been using the Chat Shield, Cloak Mode and Ghost Mode, for its anti boot. So by using this chat client you can become unbootable.

Yahoo Messenger Buddy Deny Software

Buddy deny software is used to remove our id in others yahoo messenger list. We use yahoo messenger buddy deny if we do not want our yahoo id on others list. Why do we won’t our yahoo id in the list of other people? maybe because the person is not fun, so we don’t want that person to know are we online or not.

To use the yahoo messenger buddy deny software is very easy, and almost all yahoo messenger buddy deny is only with login our id, enter our yahoo id and password then enter our targets id then press prosess.,done. To deny buddy process that we deliberately, it was done on the processing stages required by us. But our friend had called the target should make the process id as well, so we removed from the list of his yahoo messenger id.

If you do not know the process was successful or not, then the final path to the target id so can not know us online or even send messages often called PM, is to delete our friends id and our friends were included in the ignore list. To process your ignore list can read it here.

Booting Sofwares

How to use this booting website?

Ans: So simply First of all you open the site and found booter software (its your choice) when you choose the booting or other software you click on software download link. Then open a new window where show download. Just click on Download.